What is AllClear ID theft protection and what is he doing?

The market is full of various theft protection programs for Mac. Every day something new is released. The recent surveys show that currently, AllClear ID theft doesn’t sell its services to the customers directly. They are only in cooperation with business. However, it offers some interesting options such as:

  • Credit monitoring
  • ID theft checking
  • Identity restoration

Among the same services, AllClear ID differs by its high price on a market. The program watches your social security number, credit reports and also identifies theft. It also controls your child’s social security number, but this costs you around 5$/month. Every month you receive updates and reports by email. In case of fraud, you will be contacted by phone as it doesn’t support SMS notification.  

How to cope with AllClear ID login?

AllClear ID protection for Mac has 2 steps of verification. First, you should provide your email and password, then you get the call and a specific pin. If you want, you can provide information about your online banking, but it might be troublesome because sometimes it is hard to find this line on a website. Anyway, you can contact customer support to make everything clear. You may be asked to provide the support department a copy of your phone bills. 

AllClear ID review without exaggeration

AllClear ID is a good tool to monitor your credit reports, but at the same time the financial and personal information control is a bit poor then other companies have. You will probably pay extra for some options to upgrade your regular set of tools. It might be difficult to log in because of the imperfect interface of a web page. 

You must be careful and watch what you do on the web. It may take customer support some time to solve your issue, in case of fraud. If you need more powerful Mac protection, you should learn all possible risks and make a decision, regarding the theft protection on your own. There are many different people in the world and, naturally, all the opinions are different, thus follow your intuition and choose the best for your Mac. 

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