Identity theft protection family – a smart way to save money

What is a family plan? This is a specific offer, which covers adults and kids of one family. It means that you can connect one software to different devices: iPhones, Mac, etc. It has a simple principle of work, in case of fraud you receive an alert. With such a plan you save money, this is a really practical benefit. You can also add your grandparents to this protection program. 

Some experts say that every Mac must have a security system; some of them argue and deny such efficiency. 

If you don’t want to be a victim of dark monitoring, it is better to ensure all your household. 


Overview of the 7 best-rated family identity theft protection plan


Among the 7 id theft protection software for Mac, one of them AllClear ID doesn’t offer a family plan now. Nevertheless, it has a convenient system that doesn’t require your login as it recognizes you with fingerprint or face. Also, you can get the device anti-cloning option and deep encryption.

Clario provides access to all your personal devices. There is a special 50% discount offer for a family package. Note, that a free trial version for Mac will be available, but not for all users. 

Identity Guard has various plans for different prices. You can take a standard package for relatives for 11.99$ / month or add extra features such as bank account takeovers for the 23.99$ / month. It depends on your needs and wishes. 


How to choose the Identity protection family plan?

This is your personal decision about which protection system to use on your Mac. It depends on your preferences and how much money you are ready to pay. Nowadays, it is hard to highlight only one company as all of them represent smart and convenient products. If you can’t choose, you have to try different software and analyze which one is best for you. 

However, take into consideration that if you like to browse in a social network, take a system that can control all your actions and monitoring from outside as well. If you do online shopping, all transactions, pin and card numbers must be also protected. Make a list of the most common operations you do and find a suitable plan. 

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