How can Identity Guard protect your Mac system?

The developers say that Identity Guard is the most powerful id theft protection. True or false? Let’s see. 

We need constant protection for our Mac and it is a fact because every day we are online. Most of us share pictures, use banking, visit news portals, send messages with private information. That’s why we must be protected. 16.7 million Americans are suffering from digital fraud. 

Identity Guard is serving against the dark web monitoring while you are searching for the information, protect you with the safe browsing tools. The anti-fishing online App was created for your safety as well. You get the risk management report. If you want to extend options you can order another package. Probably, you need to have 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring or monthly credit score, these features are included in the “Premier” package. 

Identity Guard login in 5 simple steps

How to feel free online? Finally, the answer is found. Follow these 5 easy steps to protect yourself:

  1. Sign up
  2. Set up your watchlist
  3. Manage your risk
  4. Get alerts
  5. Restore your identity

Identity Guard will offer you several different plans for reasonable prices. You can choose either a family plan or an individual package. Save 17% a year with a family plan. Paying 12.50$ per month, you will receive four essential options, which are necessary for every member of your family. Even if they are browsing the network and scrolling Facebook feed or ordering goods online once a week.  


Identity Guard review – a short introduction toward the product

What makes Identity Guard different? The digital world is full of content and various programs. Among thousands of security systems for Mac, it is worth paying your attention to Identity Guard because you can find the most suitable plan, it offers a family plan, thus, you will protect all your loved ones against tricky hackers. Not all companies provide you with so many options. Ordering a regular package gets you reliable browsing tools (do not worry to open pages, you will be notified about suspicious content there), special mobile App, report and dark web controlling (hackers will not track your data). 

Identity Guard has a good interface and it is easy to use it. It takes you 5 minutes to install and protect your Mac. If you still have questions about this software, contact the customer support department. 

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